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Hand-crafted Tucson Edibles Take Arizona Dispensaries by Storm


Gee Whiz, marijuana is now legal in Arizona, and there’s no better product than OGeez gummies for newbies looking to try cannabis for the first time.

A great edible starts with quality ingredients and OGeez sets itself apart by using full-spectrum cannabis oil rather than a distillate giving the edible more of an entourage effect. This oil is also tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure an accurate cannabinoid profile. OGeez edibles are also available in the calming Northern Lights Indica strain or the more uplifting Blue Dream Sativa strain to give customers complete control over the experience they want to have.

OGeez is a big proponent of the dose low and go slow philosophy, so its gummies are available with 10, 20 and 30 mg. of THC. Because the gummies are infused, never sprayed or massaged, there is always a consistent amount of THC throughout each piece, ensuring that when the gummy is portioned to control dosing that each section contains the same amount of THC. OGeez edibles are spot tested to ensure this accurate dosing. There are no guessing games or surprises with OGeez.

OGeez are hand-crafted in scratch kitchens in small batches by certified chefs and come in five flavors including the wildly popular orange creamsicle, watermelon chia, blackberries and cream, tropical and raspberry orange. There is also a 1:1 THC/CBD gummy available in raspberry orange. All OGeez gummies are free from chemicals and solvents and are coated in sugar to ensure that there is no bad aftertaste.

Made locally in Tucson, OGeez Gummies from Copia are available in 80 percent of the dispensaries in Arizona. Just in time for 4/20, Copia partnered with K.I.N.D. to flavor their Sweet Karts with botanical terpenes that mirror the flavor profile of the OGeez gummies. The first new flavor, orange creamsicle, launches in April. The easy-to-use vape cartridges are a good introduction to cannabis for those who would prefer smoking to edibles.

The family-run Copia company is headed by Peggy Noonan, a beloved industry trailblazer who has been in the cannabis industry for decades, and herself considered a “true OG.”

As cannabis attracts new consumers now that it is legal for adults in Arizona, OGeez is an ideal, local product to sink your teeth into. For information on where to find OGeez products in Arizona, please visit

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