DNA Genetics x Copperstate Farms – Interview Series Part II

Jun 26, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Interview Series Part II: Copperstate Farms CEO Pankaj Talwar and General Managers at Sol Flower Chad Halmark and Justin Cue

Since Copperstate Farms launched award-winning cannabis brand DNA Genetics to the Arizona market, the patient response has been exceptional. Copperstate Farms CEO Pankaj Talwar and Sol Flower General Managers Chad Halmark and Justin Cue discuss some of the best-in-class strains that are currently on the shelves.

1. What has it been like working with DNA Genetics?
“ Don and Aaron, co-founders of DNA Genetics, are legends in the industry. Getting them personally involved in selecting the genetics that Copperstate Farms introduced to the Arizona market was exciting on many levels. Bringing their experience, talent, and reputation into our arena and making their strains accessible to our patient community was incredibly rewarding. We loved working with them and it’s been a really great partnership.” – Pankaj Talwar, Copperstate Farms CEO

2. Can you share any patient feedback since the DNA launch?
“ The response from Sol Flower patient advocates and patients has been overwhelmingly strong. We sold out of everything we had on the shelves the weekend after DNA Genetics launched. Overall, the patient feedback has been sensational, with many stating they love the diversity, nose, and the effects.” – Pankaj Talwar, Copperstate Farms CEO

“ In Tempe, it’s been hard to keep these new products on the shelves with top strains being Jelly Donut and the Holy Grail. It’s been a pleasure working with the DNA Genetics team to debut these strains. Don and Aaron spoke to staff at Sol Flower dispensaries before the launch to give their backstory and review talking points for patients. Their long-standing history and longevity in the cannabis industry, before Arizona had a program, is a testament to the high-quality and innovative strains they are developing.” – Chad Halmark, Sol Flower General Manager

“ It has been a solid launch at our Sun City location, I wasn’t anticipating the demand and level of buy-in right away. I first heard about DNA Genetics back in 2010 and their strain hunts around the world, they are definitely true OG’s within the industry with top notch strains. It speaks to the growth of the Arizona market to be working with them now ten years later.”
– Justin Cue, Sol Flower General Manager

3. Do you have any exciting future plans with DNA that you can discuss?
“ We want to partner DNA Genetics to bring additional cannabis products to market, whether it’s concentrates or sub categories.” – Pankaj Talwar, Copperstate Farms CEO

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